The Story Of Brett Favre’s 2008 Season, Predicted Using Only NY Post Pun Headlines

08.07.08 10 years ago 92 Comments

Fuh-Brett-aboudit: Jersey welcomes Favre

Meet The Bretts!
Crazy bleachers fans pledge their allegiance to gunslinger

My panties are all Brett: Our Andrea Peyser says Favre a “real man”

New Jersey Bretts: New resident welcomed by home crowd

Sour Clemons: Favre arrival ruins run at starting gig

Favring For Football!
Brett “Hungry” To Start Taking Snaps

Brett Brett Hut!
Favre practices

Not Favre Now!
Brett to Start in Week 1!

Favrey Far Far!
Jets win in laugher!

Bobba Brett!
Favre hunts down opposing corners!

Breast in Show: Deanna Favre at NY Fashion Week

Catherine Bretta Jones!
Deanna and Douglas’ wife spar in “huge catfight”

Brett’s Get Physical: Jets win ugly brawler against Bills

Best Little Fourhouse In Jersey: Jets win again!

Bretty in Pink: Favre supports wife’s breast cancer awareness

Favre And Away: Brett and Peter King marry in Irish countryside

Favre and King enjoy 2-night Key West getaway

You Can Brett On It! Favre Boldly Predicts Win Over Dolphins

Favre goes shoe shopping at Barney’s

Brett Offensive! Throw 3 picks in Pats loss

Chronicles Of Favria: Steve Serby hails the Jets new “Prince”

Bretteranarian! Favre tells Cindy Adams about his love for small toy dogs

Rum Slinger:
Favre arrested in barroom brawl

Soldier Boy! Fightin’ Favre reminds our Steve Dunleavy of his old WWI chums at Gallipoli

Favre-y Dent: Brett’s inconsistent play has made him a Two-Face

Not The Man He First Brett:
King and Favre try “trial separation”

4 Skinned? Favre arrested in Montclair, NJ, rest stop sting

Favre 4 Fighting:
Jets make run at final playoff spot

Brett Him Outta Here!
Rich Lowry says Favre’s whiny ways totally fucking Un-American

Favra Conger!
Brett did all for the $$$$!

Brett Him Play! Favre wants start over Clemons

Brett Blanket! Favre unhappy with Clemons start

Pot Calls Brettle Back!
Mangini says Favre “sabotaging” team

A Bridge Too Favre?
Mangini and Favre “at a stalemate”

Favre, Nifty 4, Where Are You?!
Favre a no-show for road trip

Favred Up! Jets miss playoffs thanks to untimely 8 INT Favre performance after Kellen goes down!

Thanks Four The Memories:
Favre retires after disappointing season in New York; plans July unretirement

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