This Week’s KSK Commenter Draft: Methods By Which You Would Commit Career Suicide If You Were a Celebrity

07.20.07 11 years ago 201 Comments

At a glance, this week’s commenter draft looks remarkably, and deceptively, easy. I mean, you or I could fuck up our careers irreparably with little more than a stray “all staff” e-mail (that’s the last time you forward your coworker one of Punter’s posts) or even a good cupping of the secretary’s glorious tits.

Upon reaching a certain threshold of fame, however, and the normal rules cease to apply. As is increasingly the case, one must put together a menu of faux pax and fuck-uppery to jeopardize one’s career. Singular incidents often just won’t do.

Killed someone? Not even a fellow celebrity? That’s too fucking pedestrian. Ray Lewis kills at least three people before lunch EVERY DAY, including July 4th and Satan’s birthday. Fucked some kids? I’m pretty sure I saw Michael Jackson performing on some network special the other week. Hate the Jews? Well, yes, I thought Apocalypto was a decent flick.

Not so simple, huh?

Even more recent examples, such as Pacman Jones and Michael Vick – aka “Ron Mexico,” aka “Ookie,” aka “Lionel Hutz,” aka “Miguel Sanchez” – had to assemble a slate of improprieties. Vick prefaced the fallout of Bad Newz Kennels with an offseason of stoner high jinx. But where his true genius lie was messing with animals. People care about adorable little critters more than their fellow man. Know why we’re still in Iraq? Easy. No cute animals there – camels are fucking ugly. China poses an economic threat to us but, hey, they got pandas.

The rules. You’re an A-list celebrity at the peak of your career. Pick a deed or statement that could deep-six your fame quicksville. And by that, I don’t mean something that will bump you down a peg in stardom or dog you for a few years. I mean “you will never work in this or any town again” type of shit. You must wait 10 picks to make another pick. There is some room for overlap. If you take away all the major heinous crimes in the first five picks, there isn’t much left to work with. Serial jaywalking probably wouldn’t hurt your career too badly. Having said that, try to be creative about it.

My pick is shooting the President of the United States.

A quick disclaimer so I don’t get sent to Gitmo: I HAVE NO PLANS TO ACTUALLY DO THIS. Besides, I can’t shoot anyone due to the crippling arthritis in my index fingers from Space Invaders in 1977.

Neither should this be taken as a political statement on my part. I’d like to shot most politicians regardless of ideology. Rather, I figure it’s the surest, fastest way to ruin your public image. I don’t remember Charles Guiteau going platinum after he killed President Garfield.

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