Week 10 Meast Appendix – More Underrated Women (And A Dude)

11.15.06 11 years ago 34 Comments

To make it up to those of you who didn’t appreciate seeing my beer gut during lunch (Mrs. Drew says I’m the handsomest man in the world), it’s only fair to give you pics of some more underrated ladies, following suggestions from our commenters and couple of my friends. I’ll also add a shot of new Bond Daniel Craig at the end for you ladies.

Giada Delaurentiis
Man, she’s got a big head.

Kristen Bell
No argument here.

Kerry Washington
Ape’s request

Isla Fisher
Engaged to Sascha Baron Cohen. Also apparently comes in triplicate. Prepare the wedding sack!

Minka Kelly
Plays a cheerleader. Works for me!

Christa Miller
Watch early episodes of Scrubs. She makes Zach Braff almost tolerable.

Rachel Harris
So snarky. She should be sex blogging.

Daniel Craig
In the Clive Owen/Russell Crowe badass mold. Layer Cake is a fine film. Speaking of which…

Sienna Miller
Bad move banging the nanny, Jude. Holy crap, this woman is attractive. Badmouth that shithole Pittsburgh all you like, my dear. It’s not worthy of you.

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