When David Met Mickey

10.15.09 8 years ago 36 Comments

David Carr: Oh, wow! Mickey Rourke! So nice to meet you, sir! I’m such a big fan! I hope we were able to put on a little show for you out here today.

Mickey: Listen to me, kid. You been around this business as long as I have, they’re gonna try and take your FUCKING INTEGRITY. YOUR FUCKING SOUL. Don’t fucking let them do that. Don’t let them take your heart. You stay true to your fucking self, young Chad Michael Murray.

David: It’s David.

Mickey: Whatever. Just… sometimes this town will treat you like the fucking OCEAN. They’ll just keep throwing crap inside you: rocks, garbages, old cocks. And they’ll expect you to keep on rolling. You know what the fuck I mean?

David: Not really.

Mickey: (grabs his lapel) I’M TALKING ABOUT FUCKING HONOR, BROTHER. Gotta have fucking honor. Through everything. Through the cocaine.

David: I don’t do cocaine.

Mickey: And the booze.

David: I don’t drink.

Mickey: And the pills.

David: I usually only take Tylenol if my knee acts up, but I don’t play too often for that to happen. Plus, I go down way before the defensive end can get a clean hit. It’s how I stay so healthy.

Mickey: And the whores.

David: I don’t visit whores.

Mickey: You don’t visit whores? The fuck kinda man are you? You can learn a lot from a whore. They’ve seen and sucked enough things to know the score.

David: Well, usually, I just like to spend evenings in with my wife, Melody, and read Bible passages.

Mickey: You got a girl named Melody and she ain’t a whore?

David: No, sir.

Mickey: How the fuck is that possible? Is she from Iceland?

David: No, sir.

Mickey: YOU FUCKING LISTEN TO ME, little Wentworth Miller. You come into this industry young, dumb, and full of cum. You think it’s gonna last forever. But it don’t. Only thing that lasts forever is the REGRET. I remember Bobby De Niro and worked together on the set of Angel Heart, and he told me something I’ll never forget. Know what he said?

David: No.

Mickey: He said, “Mick, you don’t have to eat the shit they lay out for the lunch buffet. Go right to the catering van window, and they can custom make a breakfast burrito for you.” NOW YOU FUCKING TAKE THE TIME TO ABSORB WHAT THAT MEANS.

David: Okay.

Mickey: You’ve made a nice really nice picture here today, kid. It’s got drama and fucking realism. DON’T LET THEM FUCK WITH YOUR PICTURE.

David: This isn’t a film set. It’s an actual game.

Mickey: THAT’S EXACTLY HOW YOU SHOULD PREPARE YOUR ROLE. That Method shit’ll kill ya. But that’s how you crawl into the anus of a character. Don’t let them fuck with that. DON’T LET THEM THROW THEIR SHIT INTO YOUR WAVES, BROTHER.

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