Your Last Sunday Night Game for Two Weeks Could Be More Appealing

10.19.08 9 years ago 36 Comments

Hey, remember when all the dipshit Colts fans last week were blithering that the rest of the AFC had to be pissing itself following Indy’s rolling of the Ravens? Well, no one was buying it. Not even them. And that was why. One game does not a saved season make, shitheads.

Now the C-Hox get to try their hand at some season-saving with Seneca Wallace at the helm. Jerramy Stevens is looking to exact some sexual abasement on the former team he helped keep from a Super Bowl victory (cue still embittered commenter J.L. White trying to blame it on Bill Leavy). For whatever reason, there doesn’t seem to be a SNF game scheduled for next week.Sucks that flex scheduling doesn’t start for another two weeks.

Note from from Caveman: Need more insight on this game? Probably not. But you should check me out going head-to-head with Tiki and Collinsworth just the same.

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