This Amazing 10,000% Tip Is A Reminder That There’s Good In The World - Tyler, Longview, Jacksonville |ETX News

Anyone who’s ever worked for tips has the fantasy that one day someone will waltz in, have lunch, and then leave a ginormous tip that will set them up for life. Or at least a semester of classes. Or maybe the $200 you need because it’s tax day and the IRS just realized you owe them. For one Texas waitress that dream came true. She received a $1,000 gratuity on a bill totaling $9.69. (Related: Man, eating out is cheap in Texas!)

Eater reports that the Alesha Palmer had only been working at Vetoni’s restaurant for about a month when a diner eating out alone caught wind of the fact that she was saving up for college. According to a post on the restaurant’s Facebook page, Palmer didn’t even talk to the man about her college aspirations. He just heard her mention them to other customers and decided that he was going to save her the trouble of filling out a FAFSA (okay, she probably still had to fill one out).

Here’s a copy of the receipt with an enthusiastic note from the restaurant’s owner:

The restaurant’s general manager confirmed that the tip was real. No word on whether Palmer’s gotten the money yet, but let’s hope the other servers aren’t all secretly plotting to kill her now that she’s had at least one small dream come true. And let’s also hope that this inspires more people to do good in the world (instead of writing mean things on restaurant checks).