McDonald’s Breakfast Was The Food Of Choice Backstage At The Grammys Last Night

Musicians work their whole lives to make it to a level where they are nominated for Grammys. Given that — and the opulent gift bags that come along with other awards shows — you might expect the cost of the spread backstage at the 2016 Grammys to rival the GDP of small countries. Nope, the Grammys keep it casual and offer McDonald’s breakfast items any passing megastars who might be a bit peckish.

After all these are drummers and guitarists we’re talking about. You have to speak touring musicians language, and nothing says “several weeks in a van” better than an Egg McMuffin that’s started to go cold. Grammy interns were tasked with carrying around the $2 breakfast sandwiches and sheepishly offering them to their favorite performers. Of course, these awards show attendees can see how vital a perk the free fast food tray is. They had to pay for their McD fix.

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(Via Mashable)

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