Millennials Need To Avoid These ’90s Fashion Mistakes

Features Writer
01.16.16 13 Comments


If you grew up in the ’90s, now is your time. The time capsule has been opened and a new generation is sifting through your fashion and culture castaways — mixing and matching and making old new again. But while crop tops, choker necklaces, and even overalls are inching back, some things just can’t be allowed to return. Sorry Big Dog T-shirts and hemp jewelry, rest in peace on the garbage pile of best forgotten sartorial choices.

While ’90s babies are technically millennials, there’s a clear difference between millennials born in the ’80s and their younger, semi-contemporaries. Many millennials will remember the jelly shoes and matching shirt/short sets while others can’t fathom trends like shiny puffy coats and sweater vests.

Bro, do you even JNCO?

Let’s spritz on some CK One, take a walk down memory lane, and pray that through education, we can ensure these trends never come back.

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