Sammie The Dog Was Shot And Left For Dead, But Found A New Friend In Recovery

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; dogs are truly man’s best friend. Yet, people do really awful things to dogs still, which should come as no surprise because people do crappy things to other people on a regular basis. But dogs are different, man. Dogs are kinda helpless, they’ve been bred to be nothing but our faithful companions and to rely on us for stuff like food, water and love.

Mashable tells the tale of Sammie the Dog. Sammie the Dog has not had an easy life by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, his life has kinda sucked. He’s a dog and he was bred to be our best friend, remember that. Sammie the Dog was shot in the head by his owner and left to rot behind said owner’s car for three days before that owner didn’t have a change of heart, but instead was sick of Sammie not dying and brought him to a shelter in hopes of them finishing the job.

Oh yeah, and he was covered in blue spraypaint. I mean, c’mon. Look at that little dude’s face and tell me that he doesn’t seem like an awesome pal to have around.

The Paws & Claws Clinic in South Carolina first posted about Sammie, and according to them, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC will be stepping in to help find him a new home, but not before he makes a new friend first. Dogs know that they need to stick together and be a pack instinctually, especially if people treated them poorly, so it’s heartwarming to see that Sammie has made a friend in another rescue dog with his own story, Simon.

Simon and Sammie are a picture of what makes dogs just so special. Both Sammie and Simon have persevered through rough times and will hopefully see a better future and better human friends down the line, but until then, seeing one dog recognize another one’s pain is perhaps the perfect reminder of how special of creatures they are and what our role should be in taking care of them.

Sammie looks to be recovering from his surgery and the internet is tripping over itself to get to be his next human pal. This is also an important time to remember that while Sammie is special, there are a lot of other dogs out there with sad stories, most likely sitting there at your local shelter just waiting for a new home and a loving family.

As someone with two rescue dogs I can give you my assurance that while Sammie is special, he’ll find a friend no matter what, but adopting a poor little dude or lady at your local shelter can be one of the most rewarding things that you can do. They don’t get this kind of press, but they are just as special and in need of love. You’ll have a friend forever, that’s for sure.

(via Mashable)