Action Bronson’s ‘Fat Guy Sandwich’ Looks Insane, But Worth Every Ice Cream-Filled Bite

Action Bronson may have just created a sandwich that dreams are made of. Whether a nice pleasant one or a nightmare is purely subjective, but his latest concoction, the “Fat Guy Sandwich,” is certainly worth talking about.

The rapper and professional foodie took a couple days off from recording to, as he put it, “diversify” the types of food in his life and decided to make something that puts a smile on his face.

“A nice chicken cutlet with sesame seed and panko crust. We’re gonna get crazy. We’re gonna hit it with a beautiful Mexican chocolate sauce and I’m also gonna hit it with a scoop of ice cream. We’re gonna make a fat guy sandwich.”

That’s right folks, for the low price of your arteries and possibly your life, you too can eat like a king. Aside from the aforementioned toppings, the sandwich isn’t complete without blowtorched marshmallows and bananas sautéed in Hennessy.

Yes, this is a real thing created by a real person. It makes the Luther and KFC’s Double Down cower at the mere mention of its name. While it’s hard to endorse this culinary treat in good conscience, it does look like something to try at least once just to say you did it. Like getting married in Vegas, base jumping from the roof of your house, or skydiving without a parachute.

As my friends and I used to say about Wendy’s “Baconater,” this thing looks like instant death. But oh what a death it would be.

(Via First We Feast)