Here’s Aerial Footage Of Thousands Of Sharks Just Chilling Off The Florida Coast

Cage Diving With Great White Sharks In South Africa
Getty Image

The chances of actually getting attacked by a shark, much less getting killed by one, is actually really low. But will you remember that fact after you see this video of thousands of sharks off the Florida coast? Probably not.

Accuweather has aerial footage of these sharks. It’s really hard to make them out individually, but you can see them point out a crapload of gray dots that apparently signifies a shark party.

“We’ll remember on the way back,” a man in the video says. He and his female companion are super excited about this shark frenzy and can’t wait to observe them even more.

Again, we know that shark attacks are few and far between. And we’re more harmful to sharks than they are to us. But gah, would you really want to swim with thousands of them? How in the world is that safe and fun? What more proof do we need that we shouldn’t mess with the ocean and that we’re meant to stay on dry land?

Oh, also the most shark attacks occurred last year off the Florida coast. So, there’s another reason to stay out of that state, as well. Just stay on your couch. No harm will come to you there. Well, maybe rickets and heart disease, but that’s better than death by shark or whatever Florida has up its sleeve.

(via Accuweather)