You Can Now Enjoy A Getaway In The First Former Nuclear Missile Silo On Airbnb

If you’re seeking a new place to stay during your next Midwest adventure or just want to feel what it would be like to have a front row seat to the end of society, this missile silo on Airbnb might be for you. The luxury space in Eskridge, Kansas one of many that have been reported about before, with the owners pressing the silo turned to luxury as a way to survive doomsday. It is a doomsday prepper’s dream — if a prepper didn’t already have their own bunker ready for a bug out — but now it is finally in the weird grasp of your friendly Airbnb traveler looking for a unique living experience.

According to the Denver Post, the owners of the silo have lived there for over 20 years but now have been persuaded to follow into its new life as an Airbnb location:

Matthew Fulkerson, 37, is the host for Subterra, and said it was his idea to turn the site into an Airbnb. Fulkerson is a neighbor of Subterra’s owners, Ed and Dianna Peden, who have lived in the converted missile base since 1994 and are on board with the Airbnb idea.

More than being a place for people to stay when passing through Kansas, Fulkerson said he has a bigger vision for the site.

“I see it as becoming a destination,”

The Peden’s silo is the first missile silo home to be listed on Airbnb and for the price of a fancy night in a hotel, it seems that you’re getting a piece of history with all the comforts of your own home. The only difference is you’ll be sleeping in a military silo and you’ll be underground:

All are welcome at Subterra Castle, a former Atlas E missile base transformed into an underground home. Whether you are a history buff, or just want a unique place to pass the night, your experience is sure to be unforgettable…

The underground space spans over 18,000 square feet and the total space is close to 20,000 square feet. The décor throughout is bohemian eclectic. There are large, comfortable rooms and many common areas that you may share. In the Great Room, you can enjoy making music with many kinds of percussive instruments. In the Living Room & Sanctuary, the Owners have brought in symbols from all the world’s religious traditions as a gesture of openness, acceptance, and love for all. You’ll definitely find a friendly, loving “New Age” vibe at Subterra.

The location has a slew of amenities according to the Airbnb listing, but it is sadly not wheelchair accessible at this point and it doesn’t allow pets. Those are sure to keep some people away, but you do get breakfast, wireless internet, television, and all of the essentials you need for your bathroom needs. Not too shabby for a locale that once held enough power to level an entire city.

(Via Denver Post & Airbnb)