How Are Americans Consuming Fewer Calories Than Austrians? An In-Depth Investigation

11.11.15 4 years ago


Not to be the bearers of bad news, but it turns out America is no longer the best in the world at what it does best (namely, eating too much). For years, Americans ate more than any other people on Earth, but recent studies show that American caloric intake has actually decreased and, somehow, the country that invented deep-fried butter has been surpassed by a small handful of other nations.

The new No. 1 glutton in the world? Austria, whose citizens consume a whopping 3,769 calories per day according to a study from eating addiction treatment provider Recovery Brands.

Austria isn’t known for their triple-fried fair foods or hot dog-infused pizza crusts, so how have they managed to surpass American eating ingenuity? With ultra-rich comfort food classics. Austrians love their desserts, and a lot of old-school Austrian sweets pack crazy amounts of calories and fat. Here are a few Austrian desserts that may explain the country’s world-conquering caloric intake, compared to their closest American-invented equivalents:

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