American Airlines Will Soon Offer Passengers Even Less Legroom And Smaller Bathrooms

05.03.17 11 months ago 4 Comments


Unless you’re flying Virgin (don’t ruin it for us, Branson), there’s a 98 percent chance that the first thought you have as you exit an airplane is never again! Yes, flying is a super convenient way to travel, But, you wonder as you jiggle your body parts back to life and try to forget the kid who kicked your seat from San Francisco to New York, is it really worth it? Maybe I should find a job that doesn’t require a business trip, end all friendships with people that live out of state, and cut off my family so I never have to visit again.

Is flying really that bad? Well… kinda. And if last month’s United fiasco wasn’t enough to remind you that the airlines don’t care about anything but the bottom line, here’s some additional evidence that flying is about to get even worse: American Airlines is cutting down on leg room and decreasing the size of their bathrooms for your health and comfort. Yes, soon you can pay for the privilege of being crammed even closer to the person next to you and look forward to the inevitable “butt on the commode, legs up on the door” position.

Comfort? In the immortal words of the adorable urchins residing at Miss Hannigan’s orphanage: “What’s that? Who’s he?

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