Andy Kaufman Is Still Alive! (As A Perfume?)

Bob Zmuda was right: Andy Kaufman is still alive! Sort of.

A Los Angeles perfumery announced today that to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Kaufman’s debut performance on SNL, the Man on the Moon himself is getting a “celebrity fragrance,” joining such scented luminaries as Justin Bieber and Paris Hilton. “Milk & Cookies” — named after Kaufman ending his legendary Carnegie Hall set by taking the audience out for milk and cookies — is a “gourmand fragrance,” according to a ridiculous press release, that “opens with top notes of sugar and sweet butter then develops into a heart of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and a delicate note of creamy milk, followed by bottom notes of vanilla extract and white musk.”

White Musk was actually Latka’s original name.

Anyway, it’s hard to figure out who this is for: comedy fans, or people who care about smelling good? Xyrena’s founder Killian Wells remarked, “Andy Kaufman once said, ‘There’s no way to describe what I do. It’s just me.’ That quote and Andy’s opposition to the societal norm has always resonated with me. As a New York native and fan I’m excited to pay homage to Andy’s undeniable genius.” By selling his performance art funk for $42.

Still waiting for the Reverend Jim cologne. It smells like weed and denim.

(Via PR Newswire)

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