This Biologist Hopes His Zika 101 Rap Video Will Spread Faster Than The Virus Itself

Seems like every year there’s some new virus we should be very afraid of. The media often repeats the tagline for The Fly: : “Be afraid, be very afraid.” First there was Ebola and now we’ve got Zika. While the virus is serious, there needs to be more awareness of it and less gloom and doom. Which brings us to mosquito biologist Andy Lima, or as he’s known in hip-hop circles, MC Bugg-Z. Get it? Because he raps about bugs but it could also be read as Bugsy but then there’s also the Jay Z connection.

Representing Fairfax, VA, Bugg-Z decided it was time to spread the message of prevention in a more helpful and entertaining way.

Don’t get sick with Zika from the bite of a mosquito/
Prevention is easy, relax and I’ll teach ya/
Empty water from containers and dress to protect/
When you feed ’em you breed ’em so wear approved repellents

Bugg-Z’s got bars.

Lima realized long ago that people are probably tired of hearing about Zika because the media’s job is to seemingly pound us over the head with everything. His solution was to rap over something The Pharcyde would be proud of and help people understand the gravity of the situation.

“It’s not necessarily the sexiest message,” Lima told Washington Post. “I tried to find a way that’s fun to jazz it up and get it to a wider audience.”

This is the fourth song he’s written in 15 years. Whether it’s those annoying cicadas the DC area gets every 17 years, or mosquitoes, Bugg-Z’s got you covered.

(Via The Washington Post)