Anthony Bourdain’s Dream Experience Is A Cooking Odyssey With Rolling Stones Legend Keith Richards

Anthony Bourdain’s meeting with President Obama has gotten a lot of attention for the past year, with the host lauding how the leader uses chopsticks and drinks beer out of the bottle — I assume instead of drinking it out of a boot like Jimmy Carter or something. But meeting with Obama, while cool, is not the name that tops the list for Bourdain’s foodie adventures. That slot belongs to Keith Richards.

During an interview that aired on CBS This Morning on Saturday, Bourdain riffs on life, being a father at 50, and what traveling has taught him over the years. But the treats comes after a bottle of 30-year-old The Balvenie scotch hits the glass — $1,000 a bottle apparently, which is like 800 bottles of Thunderbird — when Bourdain talks about what his dream interview/adventure with Keith Richards would be:

“We’d eat like bangers and mash and maybe cook steak and kidney pie with Keith Richards and maybe talk about British naval history, which he’s a big fan of. I think that’d be super cool.”

Bourdain has apparently been trying for years to make the encounter happen, but with no luck. I think the reason why is pretty clear. Bangers and mash? Steak and kidney pie? Boiled eels and pickled lamb’s toe? Eye of newt? Bourdain wants to keep to all this British food, when we already know that Keith prefers Funyuns and frozen chuck. Get with it!

(Via Eater / CBS This Morning)