Anthony Bourdain’s Biggest Travel Pet Peeve Is Something We Can All Relate To

Like most of us, Anthony Bourdain leads the life of a globetrotting chef/author that hosts a series food/travel on cable television. Alright, that’s not the entire population, but the Parts Unknown guide has logged enough travel miles to have a very relatable take on travel. If you see Bourdain in your traveling, uh, travels, consider yourself warned in advance about the man’s expectations at the airport.

Chatting with Travel + Leisure with season 10 of Parts Unknown looming, Bourdain touched on a number of topics including his supreme pet peeve while hopping from plane and plane. He wants you to get your sh*t together before you reach the airport’s security scanners.

“They said no liquids and gels, motherf*cker. You know? Come on!” reminds an emphatic Bourdain.

How great would “They said no liquids and gels, motherf*cker” look on a business card? Amazing, right?

Singapore, the French Alps, Nigeria, Pittsburgh, Sri Lanka, Puerto Rico, Seattle, and southern Italy are the places featured in the new season of the durable CNN series. Bourdain explained the detail and care that comes with the presentation on Parts Unknown.

“Often as we source ideas, we sit around and ask, ‘Where can we go to make something that looks and sounds really striking and different and beautiful?’” Bourdain told Travel + Escape. “We try to make these things look like standalone little films with their own atmospherics and their own feeling and their own sounds.”

Parts Unknown definitely has the track record to back up Bourdain’s description. Season 10 of Parts Unknown begins on October 1.

(Via Travel + Leisure)