What Anthropologie Is Charging For A Rusty Garbage Can Will Make You LOL

How much would you pay for a rusty trash can? Five dollars? One dollar? No dollars? Well, what if I said it was handmade and imported? Because Anthropologie, purveyor of dresses with birds on them and fanciful furniture knobs, wants to sell you just that for $99.95. Which is a bargain, really, because the price was originally listed at $148, but has since been marked down.

The West Village Corrugated Can, as they’re calling it, was available for purchase with either “mango wood” or “abaca rope” handles, but because a hipster and their trust fund are soon parted, the mango wood option is no longer available. If that still seems a tad pricey for your wallet, The Atlantic points out that the West Village Corrugated Can has a veritable array of convenient uses beyond a garbage can. Like as an umbrella holder, or… uh, as the base of a side table? Lots of uses!

Not everyone is rushing out to get their hands on one of these chic waste receptacle beauties, however, and some have made their feelings clear in the customer review section:

If the guy who made rusty garbage cans cool in the first place is calling out your product, you really might want to give it another think.

(Via The Atlantic)