Need A Reason To Quit Smoking? Imagine A World Without Cat Videos.

What would you do if one day you didn’t have videos of cats to get you through the day? What if keyboard cat was gone? What if the only videos of cats were the ones that had been posted years and years ago, before the cat-mageddon? Think that’s impossible? A new anti-smoking video points out that your smoking could be killing your pets. And that’s not just cruel — it’s selfish. Because your pets are superstars that the internet needs to see. (And even if they’re not, watching videos of cats is good for you.)

Here’s a visual of what happens when you pass second-hand smoke to your fine furred friends:


But don’t take our word for it. If you’re debating between kitties and ciggies, check out the new video above from Truth (yep, they’re the people who do all the anti-smoking PSAs) and imagine what a world without a cat riding on a roomba or — god forbid — lil Bub would be like. Yep, we agree: It would be pretty grim indeed.