Apple Is Allegedly Building Its Own Wireless Earbuds


Amidst the drastic changes to the iPhone 7, none has been quite so controversial as the decision to cut the headphone jack. And now, unsurprisingly, word is coming that Apple is developing their very own wireless earbuds.

Bluetooth headphones have, of course, been around forever. In the mid ’00s, a Bluetooth earpiece became the key signifier of smug jerkitude in Hollywood, after all. But they haven’t been popular due to a need to be charged, difficulty connecting to your phone and staying connected, and overall sound quality. Forbes claims Apple has been working on this for a few years and might finally have them ready to go just in time for the iPhone 7.

Really, this is an obvious place for Apple to go. Not only is it cutting the headphone jack, forcing users to do everything on their phone out of one port, it also happens to own a headphone and streaming music company. Still, it’s worth pointing out the Forbes link doesn’t have much to back it up, even if the idea of Apple working on wireless headphones is an obvious one.  And even the engineering might of Apple may not be able to overcome some of the more glaring problems Bluetooth headphones suffer from. We might still be stuck using a dongle to use our wired earbuds when the iPhone 7 arrives, likely in September.

(Via Mashable)