The New Arby’s Liger Shake Looks Way Tastier Than The Unicorn Frapp

There’s a war going on. A war that many of us don’t see; yet, it’s being waged right before our eyes. It’s the fast food milkshake/Frappuccino battle. For many years, the king of the hill was McDonald’s Shamrock Shake. In recent years, others have joined the fray. Back in April, Starbucks gave the world the Unicorn Frappuccino. This strange, sour, skittles-esque drink took the internet by storm while bothering baristas from Seattle to South Beach. And now a new competitor has emerged — Arby’s Liger Shake, a drink that (almost) looks like it was designed to make fun of the others.

The shake is strikingly similar to the aforementioned Unicorn Frappucino in appearance, but a lot different in taste. Instead of Sour Patch in Frappuccino form, the Liger Shake is a mixture of orange cream and Ghirardelli chocolate. Think of a Creamsicle dipped in chocolate and then put into a blender and you’re probably on the right track. And it’s already been spotted in the wild (get it?).

This brings us to one big question: would a major fast food chain design a drink just to troll another brand? We’ve seen Wendy’s twitter account mercilessly doling out social media spankings to its rivals, but has a chain released a menu item just to rile up a rival before? And can the Liger maul all of its competition?