This Woman’s Art Gallery Selfie Went Terribly Wrong And Allegedly Caused $200,000 In Damages

People will apparently take selfies anywhere and anytime the moment seems possible. This includes a loved one’s funeral and the 9/11 memorial to name a few, with no care about who or what gets hurt in the process. There’s also an alarming amount of people who have died while taking selfies, proving that not even death can ward people away from turning the camera on themselves.

Now we have a lady finding out that selfies also carry a hefty fiscal price tag if they’re not done carefully. A Los Angeles exhibit for British artist Simon Birch became the setting for disaster after a women knelt down too close to the podiums he had set up, knocking them over and creating a domino effect.

The New York Times reports that the accident would cost upwards of $200,000, but based on the sale price and not any actual damage to the pieces. Birch cited the figures himself while refuting claims that the accident was stage as a sort of performance. He also didn’t seem to be very mad when responding to the Times via email:

“Crowns are fragile things,” Birch said. “They are symbols of power. Perhaps it’s ironic and meaningful that they fell.”

He’ll be asking the gallery to place signs for guests to be careful around the exhibit. It’s a fairly easy rule to follow, but who knows. This isn’t the first or last time it will happen. It’s also not the most expensive museum selfie disaster ever happen according to The AV Club, with a wayward photo causing a reported $800,000 in possible damages to the Kusama Infinity Room at the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, D.C.