Artichoke Dip Gone Awry Manages To Send A Canadian Newscast Off The Rails In Hilarious Fashion

If somebody tells you that something went wrong with their recipe and still asks you to eat some of it, you know things are going to go poorly. Much like a pack of raccoons picking through garbage, the Global News Calgary news crew were asked to taste some of Leslie Horton’s artichoke dip — a self admitted foray into mad cooking science. She used an orange instead of a lemon, didn’t know the proper spices to use so she tossed in some celery salt and oregano, and I can only assume ran the entire thing through a blender full of acid judging by her co-worker’s reactions.

From the first bite, it’s pretty obvious that nobody is enjoying this dip. Artichoke dip isn’t exactly something you’d normally enjoy anyway according to popular opinion, but this seems to be something far worse. And on top of that, Horton knowingly serves it.

When someone cries out that “it burns” while eating something you prepared in the kitchen, you likely won’t be on Top Chef any time soon. And they keep citing the taste of vinegar in the mix, which is funny because there’s definitely no vinegar in the recipe. Horton has created a marvel of modern culinary science that could easily be mistaken for a biological weapon, hurled over the walls of the keep to turn the villagers against each other in a fit of sickened rage.

The Global News Calagary crew was never seen or heard from again — I guess. Happy holidays.

(Via Global News)

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