An Austin Couple Calls Out IHOP After Seeing This Offensive Message On Their Receipt

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03.03.16 19 Comments

There’s a message tucked into the bottom of IHOP’s receipts that beckons “we want your feedback!” Well, an IHOP in Texas is getting a lot of feedback over something else that was printed on their receipt.

Austin couple Rolman Sparkman and Ariana Brown picked up a to-go order from a local IHOP and were hurt by how they were identified on the receipt: BLACK PPL. Here’s the receipt in question.

When Brown discovered the two-word label she immediately felt upset. She would later express her frustration on Facebook by putting a picture of her receipt on display for the world to see. Before long, the image was shared more than 14,000 times.

“I feel upset, I’m sad, I’m angry. Like this, it makes no sense,” Brown said.

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