The Frat Fantasy Of Swimming In Beer Can Come True If You Head To Austria

We did it. It took longer than it should have and probably left countless dead along the way, but we friggin’ did it, you guys. We’ve now reached the point in civilization where we can swim in a pool full of beer. HIGH FIVES AND DESIGNATED DRIVERS/LIFEGUARDS ALL AROUND!

No, we’re not talking about how your cousin Rodney dumps a bunch of dented cans of Keystone into a kiddie pool and lives his version of his best life. Nope, there’s an actual proper pool/tub at Austria’s Starkenberg Brewery specifically designed for visitors to swim in beer. This glorious destination to bathe in brews  has just gotten the Great Big Story treatment with the informative video outlet providing a zippy and intriguing look at this tourist spot.

The brewery’s pool is actually a fermenting vat that was converted into something more backstroke friendly. Visitors are welcome to drink the beer they’re soaking in, provided they don’t mind sucking up booze that’s been waded through by the nastier parts of your travelling companion’s body. Ingesting the sudsy stuff is partially the point of swimming in a loaded pool, but it’s noted in the video that you might want to skip the shower after. Why? Apparently your beer bath has a “high nourishing factor.” Be sure to use that as your go-to excuse the next time you show up smelling like an Austrian brew pool at work.