Watch This Boy With Autism Fall In Love With A Wonderfully Kind Snow White

Everyday, thousands of children have their dreams come true at Walt Disney World when they meet their favorite characters. However, this special encounter between a 2-year-old boy in a Pinocchio costume named Jackson and Snow White will really tug at your heartstrings.

Jackson, who’s nicknamed Jack Jack, is a toddler who is nonverbal autistic. Jack Jack’s mother, Amanda Coley, told the Huffington Post that her son is wary around strangers. In fact, his older brother and mother took him to see other Disney characters, but he wanted nothing to do with them, except for when he met Snow White. Amanda Coley, a photographer, captured the amazing and touching moment between her son and the Disney Princess. Coley looked back on the now viral meeting:

“He was so at ease. We had never witnessed this before … I missed several photos because my eyes were full of tears. It was so amazing to have him react in this way to somebody and to see him smile and gaze at her. I have never seen him do this to anyone outside of his brothers, his dad and myself.”

Jack Jack is completely smitten over Snow White that he even rests his head softly in her lap. Coley told the Orlando Sentinel that the Disney cast member playing Snow White had no idea that Jack Jack lives with autism.

“She has no idea how much that actually meant to us that she engaged in that way. It was like she just had that sense that [Jackson] needed that.”

The Coley Family are planning another vacation to Disney World in November and would like to remain in contact with Snow White.

(Via Huffington Post/ Orlando Sentinel)