Watch Aziz Ansari Eat His Way Through Some Of The Best Food In Southern India

Life & Culture Editor

In December, comedian, actor, and well-known foodie Aziz Ansari traveled to southern India to get in touch with his roots (he’s spent only a few months there over his entire life, he writes in The New York Times). And since he was unfamiliar with the region he was visiting and was feeling like an outsider (he writes about his clothes being a dead giveaway), he went directly to where he knew he’d be able to find a connection: food.

In his article, which you can find here and should read only when you’re not actually hungry, Ansari describes not only getting to know the culture of Trivandrum (and India, in general) through food, but also what it’s like to return to a country you’d only been to as a child, and what it’s like to reconnect with family members you haven’t seen since you were “playing with transformers.” Good news: everyone’s family now over-documents get-togethers, so that’s pretty universal.

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