Here’s An Important Reminder That ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ Is The Creepiest Holiday Song Ever

Holiday songs (with the exception of Dominic The Donkey, which I will never accept) are usually warm, light-hearted affairs that make very little sense and sound like the beautiful experience one would have if they had accidentally taken a double dose of NyQuil. But while we forgive Rudolph and Frosty for being a little bit off, there’s absolutely no reason why “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” should get a pass year after year. Is it catchy? Sure. Does it sound pretty? Yes. Is it also “creepy and inappropriate?” Absolutely. And here are Casey Wilson and Scott Aukerman (check out his recent interview with us here) to remind you exactly why.

Spoiler alert: If this song is one of your favorites, you might want to turn back now. Once you’ve seen this video, there’s no return to the heady, innocent times when you didn’t know that it could be (and likely is) about drugging and assaulting the person you’d like to kiss under the mistletoe. In fact, the only way this song would be acceptable is if all the lyrics were changed to be about consent and the title became “Baby, Let Me Call You a Cab Because I Don’t Take Advantage Of People Like That.” Until that happens, however, Wilson, Aukerman and a shovel should keep you from humming the tune until next year, at least.