This Little Girl Is Best Friends With A Rhino And The Video Will Make You So Jealous

Remember when you used to walk to school? Who’d you go with? A friend? Maybe one of your parents? Perhaps you took the school bus. Maybe you were even one of the coolest kids on it. That’s great and all, but there’s no way that any of your childhood memories will ever beat this video of a little girl being walked to school by an actual baby rhino. A baby rhino! And they’re best friends.

The adorable endangered animal in the video above (also, just so you know, rhinos are very dangerous when they’re not babies, so please don’t try to make friends with one) is named Ringo — yes, after that Ringo — and he lives in a wildlife refuge in Kenya. He was born on a conservancy, but was found collapsed after his mother rejected him. Fortunately, he was nursed back to health by a team of specialists and now Ringo couldn’t be happier.

Check out this video of him frolicking around. Why can’t we all be baby rhinos (except, you know, without the fear of being poached)?

Did you see him in his little baseball hat? God.

But back to that first video up top: how cute are Ringo and his best friend? The cutest? Probably! (Please post anything cuter in the comments and we’ll duke it out.)

The video’s message is also important. It ends with the words “rhinos need all the friends they can get,” which is absolutely true, especially considering how rare white rhinos like Ringo are thanks to illegal hunting. You can find more info on Ringo at Ol Pejeta Conservancy’s page.