This Backpacker Received An Angry Letter Over Loud Sex, But Not For The Reason You’d Think

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01.21.16 3 Comments

At some point in your life, you’re going to have to share a wall, or an apartment, or god forbid even a room with someone who is having loud sex. Hell, I’ve been there myself, as my own personal hell story went viral after I live tweeted my neighbor having sex that sounded like actual demons were being exorcised out of her body.

Over on the Facebook page Confessions of a Backpacker, where backpackers can share stories and photos of experiences that they “wouldn’t write home about,” a guy posted this letter he received from an “angry German girl” after engaging in a night of passion with her friend. But oddly enough, Angry German Girl seems to take more umbrage with what occurred after he and her friend did the deed, not the actual lovemaking itself.

If the letter above is difficult to read, the guys over at LadBible (the BroBible of the UK) helpfully transcribed:

Hey, Mr Heavy-Snorer,

Congratulations on having a successful SEX with her. It sounded like you guys had a great time, right?

But, hey dick, you should know that there are always some more things that a girl expects from you rather than just one round of sex. I dont think many girls would like a guy who falls asleep right away after their first sex, do you?

[Ed note: I dunno, sounds pretty efficient to me.]

Also, from next time. I recommend you to go back to your room and sleep after having sex.

It must have been so embarrassing for her to see people waking up one by one because of the sound from her bed.

Anyway, good luck with your guys relationship!

Even though Im not sure if she would like to maintain it.” [SIC]

Eh, what does he care? By that time the next day, he was probably off snoring up another hostel.

(Via LadBible)

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