How Far Would You Go For A Bacon Cheeseburger With A Shot Of Bourbon In The Middle?

People have begun taking food trends to a WHOLE new level lately with concoctions like ketchup and mayo ice cream, which will only make you gag until you actually try it. Gone is the allure of rainbow doughnuts and spaghetti grilled cheeses. It’s now time to expand our horizons and accommodate the most masterful combination of food and drink creativity known to the internet.

Say hello to the Bourbon Burgel. For just $22, you can enjoy an Angus beef patty, topped with “Yankee cheese,” pickles, special sauce, BOURBON GLAZED BACON, jalapeño, and house bourbon BBQ sauce all delivered on a sesame-seed bagel. But that’s not all! The bourbon burgle is served with fries, extra bourbon glazed bacon AND a shot of Bulliet bourbon SHOVED RIGHT IN THE BAGEL’S HOLE!

You had us at bourbon!

This delectable Burgel is served at Chicken & Son’s in Sydney, Australia. It was created by the restaurant’s owner and chef, Adam Spencer. There is a limit of two Burgels per customer, which is probably more out of concern for your ticker than anything else. If you’re wondering how to eat one of these bad boys, Chef Adam Spencer has provided a tutorial.

Some of Chicken & Son’s Instagram posts address “PARTY LOVIN FATTIES!!!!” when selling the Burgel. Is that an Aussie thing or are we simultaneously being shamed and teased with this glory of modern food creation? Either way, we love it and can’t wait to one day go to Australia and ride a very confusing roller coaster of emotion!

(Via Grub Street)