The Beer Industry Is Campaigning Hard Against Trump’s Aluminum Tariff

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03.07.18 6 Comments


Canning beer — especially with modern sealants and coatings — keeps it fresher longer and makes it easier to ship. So the first reaction from most people when Donald Trump announced a 10% tariff on aluminum to go with his 25% tariff on steel was “here comes more expensive beer.” But not if the beer industry can help it.

The beer industry, both directly and via its lobbying group The Beer Institute, is not playing around with Trump and his tariffs. The CEO of the Beer Institute (and can we just marvel for a moment that’s an actual job?) Jim McGreevy, went on Fox Business to say it’s a tax on beer:

McGreevy has noted here and elsewhere that this would cost the beer industry $347 million a year, and probably mean a cut of 20,000 jobs. This follows up beer producers themselves taking to social media to directly call out the President of the United States, joining Patagonia and GM as brands that have dunked on the supposed leader of the free world:

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