New Cereal-Milk Ice Cream Will Rescue Us All From The Drudgery Of Modern Existence

03.09.17 2 years ago

If you’ve ever eaten cereal in your life, you know all about the sweet, discolored milk left over after you finish your Corn Flakes or Lucky Charms. To many, it’s the best part of the experience. When you slurp up that last bit of milky goodness all your cares seem to melt away and you’re transported to your childhood kitchen table. You fondly remember watching Saturday morning cartoons and forget about all the stresses, responsibilities and irritation of being an adult. If only there was a way to capture that hopeful innocence in a concentrated form…

Well, the Vermont-based ice cream mad scientists at Ben & Jerry’s just launched three new flavors that should appeal to the most passionate cereal milk fans. They’re calling them “Cereal Splashbacks” — pretty much the equivalent of frozen nostalgia in a bowl with flavors like “Fruit Loot”, “Frozen Flakes”, and “Cocoa Loco.”

It seems like cereal is on everyone’s mind recently. Only a few weeks ago, General Mills dropped cereal-themed oatmeal in the Canadian market. In the great, white north you can now eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch and even Lucky Charms oatmeal. Also, the world was blessed with Girl Scout Cookies cereal. We can hardly keep track of all this goodness.

Don’t worry, Ben and Jerry’s isn’t releasing these beauties exclusively in Canada. They are available right here in the US of A. (Cereal milk ice cream has actually been available at David Chang’s famous Milk Bar for quite some time, which has stirred a little controversy.)

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