Benedict Cumberbunny Is The Horrifying Easter Treat You Never Knew You Wanted

Life & Culture Editor

Benedict Cumberbatch is known for two things: his fascinating name (which no one can help but mock just a little) and being a cultural icon for anyone who’s ever watched Sherlock or heard the actor speak. While not everyone understands Cumberbatch’s appeal, there’s no denying that the Benedict Cumberbunny, created by master chocolatier Jen Lindsey-Clark, is the only Easter treat worth buying this year (or at least the one with the cleverest name).

Eggs? Nah. Hollow-eyed traditional chocolate bunnies? Pass. A full-on chocolate rabbit that that costs around $70 and looks suspiciously like a young Abraham Lincoln? “GIVE IT TO ME IMMEDIATELY,” the public screams, “LET ME GNAW ITS LITTLE FACE OFF UNTIL IT BLEEDS!”

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