Bartenders Tell Us Their Favorite Nightcaps For The Holidays

12.21.18 8 months ago

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We’re smack dab in the middle of the holiday rush. Thanksgiving is well in our rearview and Christmas is only a few days away. In a little over a week, after New Years Eve, the holidays — built up for months — will officially be over. But before the January calm, comes the storm of December. We’re about to be inundated with social engagements.

Most of the festive outings you attend will include dinner. And we aren’t talking about light meals. These are heavy, filling feasts. Giant mounds of food that threaten the structural integrity of your plate (and pants). The kind of bacchanals that make us want to change out of our dress slacks and ugly sweaters into PJs. Or, at the very least, an after-dinner drink to help digest everything.

The after-dinner drink is a staple this time of year. If you don’t partake already, the holidays are the perfect season to crack open that bottle of brandy or whiskey you’ve been saving. Naturally, this quickly becomes a nightcap. Share it with your friends and family as you relax by a crackling fire. Try on your new robe and slippers, put on a Christmas flick, and snooze away.

We asked some of our favorite bartenders to tell us the best cocktails to drink after a heavy, hearty holiday meal. You can check out all of their answers below.

Old Granddad 100 Proof Bourbon

Evan Danielson, beverage director at City Winery in Nashville

“Old Granddad 100 Proof Bourbon. It has a high rye mash bill, stands up well in cocktails and is delicious on its own. It’s also is a steal at around $20, depending on your market. The 114 proof expression is baller too.”

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