Where To Drink In Atlanta, According To Head Brewer Jason Santamaria

07.19.19 4 weeks ago


Welcome to Beer This City! If you dig Eat This City, Meet This City, and Drink This City but have always craved more beer-ness, then this column is for you. We’re talking to brewers to get an in-depth look at the best places to pair amazing beers with exciting food in different cities around the world.

Jason Santamaria isn’t just the brewmaster at Atlanta’s Second Self Beer Company, he’s also one of its co-founders, along with best friend Chris Doyle. Since opening in 2014, the brewery has grown so popular that it’s expanded not once but twice to keep pace with demand. While many brewers migrate to beer-crazy cities like Denver, San Diego, and Seattle, Santamaria hopes to grow the scene in ATL — hoping that one day it, too, becomes a destination for drinkers.

Recently, Santamaria was kind enough to talk to us about the brewing scene in Atlanta and its surrounding areas. While not on the current “hot list” of beer-loving cities, Atlanta has a lot to offer for fans of the sudsy stuff. With up and coming breweries, brewpubs with outstanding selections, bottle shops, and even dive bars, Georgia’s largest city should definitely be a stop on any southern brewing tour, right along with Asheville, Charlotte, and Miami.

Let’s get this beer tour started!

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