Brewers Tell Us The Perfect Beer To Sip On A Hot Summer Day

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Summer ’19 is going to be a banger. If you’re like us, you’ve got your board shorts, tank tops, and flip flops ready and you’re just itching for a season to remember. Game of Thrones is finally over and summer is coming. Get hyped.

As the weather shifts, you can expect some hot, sweaty, downright sweltering days. Unless you have an ocean, river, lake, or kiddie pool handy for a dip, the only acceptable remedy to the sun’s glare will be ice-cold beers. Lot’s of them. There’s just no better way to beat the heat.

Even though brewers spend their days making beer, they too like to unwind with cold brews. That’s why we asked them to tell us their go-to beers to drink on a hot day.

pFriem Pilsner


Wayne Wambles, brewmaster at Cigar City Brewing

A well-made pale ale or pilsner usually fits the bill. One of my favorite US made pilsners is pFriem Pilsner. It has a very nice sulfur dioxide expression and beautifully stated floral to spicy hop notes.

Another of my favorite US made pale ales is Ecliptic Brewing’s Quasar. It has the perfect balance of hops and malt and a wonderful tropical to citrus hop expression. Both beers beg to be drunk and, while they are thirst quenching, they also demand that you continue to drink them.