Bartenders Tell Us The Single Best Beers To Get Snowed In With

12.12.18 8 months ago

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For many of us, the winter means that it will be a little chillier than normal. Maybe we throw on a sweater or jacket over a tee shirt. No big deal. But for others, the winter months mean one thing in particular: lots of snow. Much of the northeast (and even parts of North Carolina and Virginia) have already seen blanket after blanket of snow and it isn’t even technically winter yet. For these folks, the thought of scraping ice and snow off of their cars and heading out into the blizzard-like conditions doesn’t exactly sound like a winter wonderland. They’d rather just hunker down with a blanket, a good book, and maybe a pint of a warming, delicious wintry beer.

But what if you were snowed in and could only choose one beer to drink? We asked some of our favorite bartenders to tell us their choices. Check them all out below.

Three Floyd’s Zombie Dust

Johnny Kalita, bartender at South Branch in Chicago

“Three Floyd’s Zombie Dust is a perfect snowed in beer. It’s a well-balanced pale ale, with great taste and an ideal ABV of 6.2%. Perfect six pack for listening to Metal and playing Red Dead. Also has a badass logo and bottle artwork that is Metal AF.

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