Ten Great Beers You Need To Try This May

Life Writer
05.03.17 25 Comments

Dogfish Head/Instagram

May is a great month. The days are long, the sky is clear, and summer is just around the corner. Flowers are blooming. Trees are bursting with blossoms. The universe seems to be calling out “SIEZE THE DAY!” like Robin Williams in The Dead Poets Society. With all of that fresh energy comes a lot of new beer.

We’ve gone ahead and made a list of beers that are generally released in the spring and are worth a little digging to get ahold of. While there are fresh batches of several of these beers being released right now, we added a couple of cool almost-summertime standards in the mix, too.


This is a killer Imperial Stout coming in at a 15 percent ABV. The beer is brewed with coffee, Mexican vanilla, and Indian sugar — giving it a big flavor and a sweet finish. Expect a lot of toffee, coffee, tobacco, caramel, dried fruits, and maybe even some sweetness, akin to figs and apples. 3 Floyds only releases this one on a single day in April, so get down to your local craft beer store now, they’re sure to be running out soon.

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