Famous Chefs Tell Us Where To Score The Best Burritos In The Country

05.23.17 2 years ago 17 Comments

Burritos are the perfect food. Boom. It has been said. Sure, there’s someone one out there — some undignified monster — who claims to hate burritos. But that’s all for show. It’s a facade. Even if it were genuine, this hatred would be the fault of the consumer, because the burrito is endlessly permutable. It is one of the few things in life that you can control. There are no bad burritos, only bad orders. A burrito has the potential at any point to be transcendence swaddled in a tortilla. Plus, they are handheld. Everyone knows food you eat with your hands is, in all instances, more soul-nourishing than food that requires utensils. Just ask the barrel-chested dude clutching a greasy turkey leg at your local Renn Faire.

The only boundary to a burrito is the imagination — you are able to purchase a doughnut burrito as easily as a Korean or breakfast one — but, it was more traditional burritos that resonated with the chefs in we talked to for this installment of Chefs Tell Us. We asked a group of culinary authorities to tell us about the best burrito they’ve ever eaten, and their answers show not only the versatility of this king of foods, but also the enthusiasm people feel for them. There isn’t a standardized burrito that defines what constitutes the ideal, so expect plenty of variation in these responses.

As you read, you may find that some of the chefs are on your wavelength, or you may end the piece certain that you know better than everyone else. If so, please, please, please set us straight in the comments.

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