The Best Beers To Chase Down This August


August is a strange month for beer releases. The end-of-summer-month bridges three big seasons. While July heralded in light, fizzy, fruity, funky beers that were perfect for sipping in the shade, September, and October mean it’s time for Oktoberfest lagers and autumn pumpkin ales. It’s getting close to the harvest season and that means it’s time to start drinking some serious, albeit still light beers.

With the start of Oktoberfest about one month away (remember, folks, it’s a September harvest festival that leads to October), German lagers and helles beers are being released right now in frothy anticipation. And with actual October just around the corner, all those pumpkin-fruit spiked ales, rich with spices are also hitting shelves.

The eight beers below are some of the best you can drink right now. Some of these beers are going to be hitting shelves from sea-to-shining-sea while others will be a little harder to source without traveling. Still, when is a journey to find great beer ever taken in vain?