Brewers Tell Us The Best Cream Ales In The Country

06.25.19 3 weeks ago

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Over the entire history of brewing, only three styles of beer have completely originated in the United States — steam beer, light beer, and cream ale. Steam beer was created (and patented) by San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing and we can thank Miller for launching the first light beer back in the ‘70s. As for cream ale, Rochester, New York’s Genesee Brewery is responsible for popularizing and modernizing the style. Though they technically didn’t invent it, they turned cream ale into a cult classic, beloved across generations.

Genny isn’t the only brewery to craft a cream ale these days. Breweries all over the country offer up riffs on the creamier, meltier cousin of the classic Kolsch. Great all year long, but perfect for the summer months, we asked some of our favorite brewers to tell us their favorite cream ales.

Around the Bend Vera

Cameron Compton, Brewer and co-owner of Midwest Coast Brewing

Hands down this goes to Around the Bend’s Vera, a pistachio cream ale. A lot of people might say a cream ale is boring, but this is anything but. The pistachio flavor comes through nicely without overpowering, and I think it’s super approachable and easy drinking.

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