Chefs Tell Us Where You Can Find Their Favorite Curries

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Curry contributed to the end of my college romance, so I feel more passionately about the subject than the average Uproxx Life writer. For five years, I dated a perfectly adequate fellow student at California State University, Fresno. It was a lot like Titanic without the iceberg, nude portraits, or Billy Zane. Think of it more like Jack wore socks with Birkenstocks and lived with his parents, and Rose had a core pragmatism that allowed her to accept the “only one of us can fit on the door” situation very quickly. Look, if someone has to make it, it’s gonna be me.

I grew up eating Indian food and I often thought a nice date ought to include a trip to the buffet, a beer, and a nap. I am romantical like that. But, I was rebuffed time and time again because my Jack declared he did not like curry (writing that just made me mad all over again). Explaining that multiple cultures have curries and that different blends of spices are used to produce different types of curry meant nothing. How do you date that person? Okay, apparently you date him for five years and then escape the state and never return, but that’s just one option.

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Between the Indian subcontinent and a group of former British colonies, there are thousands of curries to be sampled and enjoyed. And yes, we know, the following list of chef’s favorite places to get curries doesn’t come close to representing all of them — though it’s nice to see Indian, Malaysian, Trinidadian, and Thai dishes get nods. Because you are decent people with whom I could have meaningful relationships, I know you are hyped to read about curry, look at pics, and slide into the comment section to talk about your favorites. Enjoy!

Moti Mahal Delux (New York, NY)

Chef David Burke — Executive Chef, Tavern62 by David Burke

Tavern62 by David Burke

This is a very sophisticated Indian restaurant with great butter chicken — their signature curry dish with chilies, tomato, ginger and herbs. They also serve delicious rice pilaf dishes, breads and desserts.

My favorite night is Indian food night!

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