Bartenders Tell Us The Best Dark Rums To Add To A Mai Tai

06.25.19 4 weeks ago


Summer is the perfect time for tiki. What could be more summery than fruity, tropical, boozy cocktails? We honestly can’t think of anything. Zilch. Plus, we’re all about rum, tequila, and gin-based cocktails during the steamy, summer months (with a Fourth of July cameo by bourbon).

When it comes to Tiki-style drinks, we all have our go-to bottles. But since June 30th is National Mai Tai Day, the time is right to celebrate this drink containing multiple rums that’s remained popular since its inception in 1944. Since we prefer dark rum to white rum, we decided to ask some of our favorite bartenders to tell us the dark rums they prefer to mix into their mai tai recipes for the perfect summer sipper.

Copalli Barrel Rested

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Belize, California and now New York.

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Cameron Shaw, head bartender at The Lookup in New York City

I love to use Copalli Barrel Rested for a Mai Tai. Using an aged rum in a Mai Tai is key, as is the brighter, grassy notes of a rum distilled from fresh cane juice. The Copalli delivers on both of these and makes for a well-rounded, delicious cocktail with just enough funk without needing to split the base with a Jamaican rum as well.

Plus, I’m deeply invested in brands that follow sustainable practices and make their products with regard for the environment and their communities. Copalli definitely delivers on this vision with their distillery in Belize.

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