The Best National Burger Day 2021 Deals To Get Your Fed On The Cheap

Tomorrow is National Burger Day (technically it’s national Hamburger day, but go ahead, cheese it up), which means whether you like cheeseburgers, bacon cheeseburgers, double cheeseburgers, hamburgers, or plant-based burgers, it’s a day reserved for you to celebrate by chomping down. And since National Burger Day comes just ahead of Memorial Day weekend, it’s really more of a National Burger weekend, so — go HAM and change your diet to nothing but burgers for the next four days!

Unless you don’t like burgers, in which case go ahead and enjoy a Memorial Day salad we guess, no judgment. We’ll just be over here debating about what the best cheese for a burger is. You know, normal Memorial Day conversation.

As is the case with every National Food day, there are food deals out there that’ll get you fed on the cheap. We’ve rounded up all the best deals out there from the national food chains, some of the deals will get you a free or cheap burger, and some of the deals won’t get you burgers at all, but hey, free food! That’s a cause for celebration in itself.

Let’s get into those deals!

Burger King

Using the Burger King app enjoy a BOGO $1 deal on the Whopper and Impossible Whopper. Simply order a Whopper and then pick up another one for just $1!

Carl’s Jr

Sign up for the Carl’s Jr promo club and you’ll score a free order of fries and a small drink with your purchase of a Western Bacon Cheeseburger.

Del Taco

Using the Del Taco app, receive a free Double Del Cheeseburger when you purchase a Double Del Cheeseburger on May 28th only.


All BFF club members will receive a free medium sundae when purchasing any burger. It’s not a free burger, but we think free dessert is just as good if not better!


Receive a free order of medium fries when placing an order via the McDonald’s app on May 28th. It’s not a free burger but who cares? McDonald’s fries are the real star of the show anyway.

Papa John’s

Papa John’s what the hell are you doing here? This isn’t really a National Burger Day deal but we thought it was worth mentioning — save 25% off your Parmesan Crusted Papadia when checking out with the promo code PARMCRUSTED.

Red Robin

Red Robin will be offering BOGO 50% off deals on all of their Gourmet Burgers to members of the Red Robin Royalty program. Buy a burger, get one half off for your friend, or you know, yourself.


Smashburger will be selling their Double Classic cheeseburger for just $5 all-day May 28th.

Sonic Drive-In

Order anything using the Sonic app and receive half off a Twisted Texan Cheeseburger or hot dog.

Wayback Burgers

Wayback Burgers Signature Burger is just $3 all-day May 28th when ordering via the Wayback Burger app.


Receive a free Dave’s single when making any purchase through the Wendy’s app on May 28th.

White Castle

Sign up for the Craver Nation loyalty program and receive a free White Castle combo from now until May 31st.

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