These Are The Best Food Trucks In Every Midwestern State

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06.21.17 4 Comments

Stuffed Pierogi Truck/Facebook

So far this week, we’ve named the best food trucks in each of the 23 northeastern and southeastern states. So far, none of those truck owners has contacted us with an offer of unlimited free food, but nonetheless we persist. Today, we’re moving on to the Midwest. That’s right, we moved from trucks where they call it “soda” to trucks where they call it “Coke.” Now we’re clearly in “pop” territory.

Though this part of the country has been slower than the rest to develop a thriving food truck culture, it is studded with awesome nosh just the same. In some cases, the difference between the best truck and the second best one was infinitesimal, and we will concede that a good strong talking to might make us reverse a few decisions. We’d like to lie to you about how strong we are in our convictions, but there are some mega-tasty mobile kitchens in the Midwest. It’s touch and go.

Read the list, grow uncomfortable because the best food truck in Wisconsin isn’t a grilled cheese purveyor, and leave some comments about Nebraska or, you know, food trucks. Then, check back tomorrow as we list the best food trucks in the southwestern United States.

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