These Are The Best Food Trucks In Every Southeastern State

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06.20.17 6 Comments

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Yesterday, we named the best food trucks in each of the Northeastern states. As yet, the comments have not erupted into savagery and passive aggression, so we are forging ahead with this project, traveling south, and making some tough choices. It’s not an easy task.

We know that you are the reader here, and this experience should be about meeting your needs, but can you spare a minute to consider how difficult this is for us? First, try picking the best food truck out of an entire state. Then, try looking in your fridge for meal options when you just spent 6 hours combing through food porn of perfectly cooked burgers and tacos. One might say it is like staring into the abyss (well, if one were Nietzsche and he chose for some reason to use his own metaphor wrong).

To make this list, we sought out both undisputed champions of the food truck game and equally awesome but lesser known trucks. We narrowly avoided including a mobile restaurant that just sells ice cream sandwiches (it is AMAZING!). And, we started planning a trip to Kentucky (we’re gonna hit up the Great American Dollhouse Museum in Danville, so people won’t know we only went to the Bluegrass State to gorge ourselves on food truck grub). And, we did it all for you, friends.

You certainly have food opinions, so leave us comments about these picks and give us your recommendations. Be sure to check back tomorrow when we move on to the Midwest.

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