These Are The Best Food Trucks In Every Southwestern State

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06.22.17 7 Comments

Bang Bite Filling Station/Facebook

On Monday, we began dropping the names of the best food trucks across the U.S.. So far, we have labeled the Northeast, Southeast, and Midwest, which leaves us smackdab in the Southwest. You might think that we are now pros who assert the supremacy of mobile kitchens with the self-assurance of a young Kanye West. Or, you might (more accurately) assume that we bicker until all of our personal limits are reached, and then decide things with amateur freestyle wrestling

As we have moved west, making these picks has gotten harder and harder. First of all, these states all have big food scenes, but the more pressing issue is that they are huge. Texas is 221.7 times as large as Rhode Island. That’s exponentially more room to park a food truck, which means so many more options from which to choose. This is why Uproxx is thinking about reviving Texas divisionism. If splitting Texas into five states was good enough for random people in the 1850s, it’s good enough for people making lists about food trucks.

After you finish looking at all of the pictures of yummy food, jump in the comments and give us your opinions. We won’t make you wrestle for dominance.

Emerson Fry Bread/Facebook

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