Bartenders Share The Best Fruit-Forward Beers To Sip All Summer Long

06.18.19 1 month ago

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Summer is a great time to enjoy fresh fruit. There’s something nostalgic about savoring a nice slice of watermelon in the summer. Biting into that sweet, juicy, melon reminds us of the watermelon seed spitting contests of our youth. We never came close to winning, but we had a lot of sticky, sunburnt fun doing it. As adults, it’s increasingly hard to recreate the simple fun we had as children — the day to day stress and anxiety of “adulting” often gets in the way.

But there’s a subtle, simple way we can grab on to that fruit-forward summer nostalgia. Imbibing a fruit-based beer. Juicy as that fresh watermelon and just as refreshing.

Don’t worry, the fruit beers of 2019 aren’t cloyingly sweet, wine-cooler-esque sugar bombs sure to make our teeth ache. In fact, brewers all over the country (and beyond!) are crafting nuanced, subtly sweet, easy drinking summer beers we can all appreciate. Bartenders like jumping on the nostalgia bandwagon too. That’s why we asked them to tell us their favorite fruit beers to drink all summer long.

Rahrs and Sons Paleta de Mango

Shane DeForest, bar manager at the SPOT in San Marcos, Texas

My favorite fruit beer would have to be Paleta de Mango, from Rahr and Sons. It’s not too fruity and not too sweet. This is not a run-of-the-mill novelty beer, you can easily knock down a few.

Then, put some Tajin on the rim: game changer.

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